by H Moyo on 17 January, 2012

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Michelle Obama has toned arms  that every woman wants

Michelle Obama

Ok first of all, you are reading this because you have flabby arms and you want them gone. Let's face the facts here, flabby arms are caused by being overweight and or loss of muscle tone. You will notice flabby arms on older woman because as they lose muscle mass from ageing you start seeing flabby arms. Not only do you see this on obese woman but on skinny woman too, when u start hearing people calling you skinny fat because you are skinny but still have droopy skin. The good news for you is we can fix this with a few tips I am going to tell you about so that you can wear those stroppy dresses or sleeveless tops you like.

To achieve this we need to get rid of the fat and build muscle using exercise and nutrition. You see, a lot of woman always say I won't lift weights because I don't want my arms to be muscly like a men's. First of  all woman do not have a lot of the hormone to make them that way and to have arms like a body builder requires years of training to get there and so much effort to maintain it, trust me it doesn't happen by accident.  So we need to gain muscle and lose fat, otherwise if you just lose fat and no muscle to show the toning, we lose and if you just gain muscle and not lose fat we lose again because the muscle is covered by fat. So you need to work your deltoids which are by the shoulder bit of your arm and also the bicep and triceps and I'm sure you know them already.

  1. 1.Do cardio exercises to lose fat such as running, rowing,  treadmill etc

  1. 2.Do weight lifting exercises, do heavy enough so that you do around 15 reps and not too heavy that you can't even do 12. Do about 3 sets. Another fact you probably never knew is that weight lifting makes you burn more calories than you would in the next 36ours after no more than an hour of training.

3.Diet and nutrition is important and because this could be the downfall for many people and I have a list below to guide you on what food to eat. To get the general I idea and make it easy for you, pick each food from 4 categories carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and fat. All you need to worry about is keep blood sugar low and burn more calories than you eat.


Navy beans

White beans

Kidney beans black-eyed peas



Wild salmon

Egg substitutes

White meat turkey with no skin

White meat chicken without skin

Non-fat cottage cheese







Sweet potato




Olives/olive oil



The list is not comprehensive at all and you can substitute with other good foods, I will be updating a page on a list of what I consider good. I have also left out whole grain because they are not as effective as beans and legumes.

Track your progress every 30 days because if you don't track you don't see any change and if you track everyday you also don't see progress so 30 days is perfect. Measure your waist by the belly button, measure your arms right in the middle, I between your arm pit and elbow joint.

Here's an example of how your week should be. Do this for more than 3 hours a week.

¥Monday-weight lifting

¥Tuesday- low intensity cardio

¥Wednesday - weight lifting

¥Thursday- high intensity cardio

¥Friday -weight lifting 




Always do cardio after weight lifting. Your weight lifting should be mainly for your bicep and triceps with shoulders also and the intensity has to be the same so that you do not outgrow another group of muscles. Have a good breakfast and avoid a heavy lunch as the body then uses all it's energy to digest it.

  1. Monday - weight lifting + low intensity cardio

  2. Tuesday: rest

  3. Wednesday : weight lifting + medium intensity cardio

  4. Thursday: rest

  5. Friday: weight lifting + high intensity cardio

  6. Saturday: rest

  7. Sunday: rest